Our 2006 Prius’ hybrid battery died, and our dealer assured us that we were not under warranty. I called Prius Hybrid Repair to price out their service. I mentioned to Susan that we bought the car in California. At this, she suggested that we likely had a 150k warranty on the battery. We called Toyota corporate, and sure enough Susan was right. Her attention to detail cost her company a sale but is pretty much the dictionary definition of integrity. Very impressive.
— Greg T.

I had a great experience with Prius Hybrid Repair, from the first time I called and spoke with Susan on the phone, all the way through when Paul replaced my hybrid battery a few days ago. When every light imaginable (including that terrifying red ‘exclamation point of death’) suddenly lit up on my dash earlier this month, the dealership told me it would be nearly $4K to replace the hybrid battery in my 2005 Prius. The fact that PHR came to me was amazing, Paul was punctual and efficient, and I’ve already recommended them to several friends who own hybrids. So, so nice to have a car repair experience with zero “ick” factor!
— Michelle A.

My 2007 Prius came down with the dreaded P0A80 code after I had left in the garage for 3 weeks - it had about 120K miles by then. I was able to drive it back without any problem from the dealer. The VCS, ABS Brake and Check Engine lights were yellow. I drove it around for another few days. I then found out about this fine company from priuschat.com so I called them and set up an appointment. It was much more economical to use this service than the dealer (who I like very much, btw). A very pleasant young man, Paul, came in and chatted with me while he efficiently took out the old battery and replaced it. He showed me the original diagnostic message as well the messages after the replacement battery was put in place. One of the cells was showing a 13 volt (approximately) reading while the others were showing 14 (approx.). The replacement battery showed all of the cells at approximately 15 volts.
He also checked the 12 volt battery as well as the state of the inverter pump, as well as advised me on a number of things to do keep the battery running properly. He then finished up by having me drive the car to make sure that it ran well. I could not have asked for better service.
— Albert M.

Jack and Susan are lifesavers. Our 2006 Prius died and we didn’t know whether it was the 12-volt or main battery or both that were dead. Tho they don’t typically make house calls for diagnostics, Jack stopped by on a Sat after another appointment to take a look. Long story short but Jack fixed up our car, charged an incredibly fair price (I actually felt bad that the price was so low considering he came out to our house to do the work, went out to buy the battery and even drove around with me afterwards to make sure the car was running ok. And on a Sat no less). Anyway, it would have been a lot more if we needed to replace the main battery too (tho still only a third of what a dealer plus tow would have charged). I really appreciated Jack’s honesty and expertise and could not recommend them more highly!
— Soo L

I’m writing this review about a week after Jack came to fix my hybrid battery for my 2007 Prius. I wanted to wait a little bit and see how the car was running before writing anything. So glad we went with this place rather than paying over 3,500 at the Toyota dealership. Really nice guy, replaced the battery within an hour, and showed me some tips and tricks on how to prolong the life of my Prius. It was like crazy pouring rain out at one point, and Jack still continued to work on the battery by in from the inside. Yes, it’s definitely a small mom and pop business, but they have a high level of customer service and really stand behind the quality of their batteries. Jack told me that he works on the batteries himself and pays super close attention to detail with everything he does. I’m soo beyond happy that my car is back to running like it did before and I didn’t have to pay a million dollars for it. I totally recommend!!
— Ange M.